Xrvel Scrapebox Review

I just purchased scrapebox maybe about 3-4 weeks ago. At first time i purchased it, i really had no idea how to use it. It seems i was facing a complicated software interface. I only downloaded the whole scrapebox addons.

Few days later, because i didn’t plan to buy paid proxies, i only got slow proxies, so i ignored Google on scraping. I only used Yahoo and Bing. However actually i use dynamic IP address so in case Google banned me, i can just switch to another IP address 🙂

Personal Website Development Stole My Script, AioShared Scammer

I have a domain appraisal script here

I sold it to a person (fortunately there was only one buyer), next someone told me that stole our script and resell it.
Plus, they ioncubed it.

What a shame that someone scrap other’s script, encode, and resold it as “Website Value Calculator” script.
Here is my original demo (site is closed now, you can check on google cache)

Even i’ve tried to create a thread on their forum that “The script is stolen”

But guess what happened next? Yes, they deleted my thread.

Watchout for this “company”.

And it seems aioshared’s owner is on DigitalPoint too


Apache Stopped Working on Windows

Since about 3 weeks ago until today, my Apache server stopped working on Windows XP. I have no idea why it was stopped. I have searched some solutions on Google about this. Some solution asked whether i have Skype installed on my machine, because it was known that Skype can cause conflict with apache because Skype uses port 80 (solution if Skype is the reason is : 1) uninstalling Skype, or 2) modify apache port to 8081 for example).

Web Hosting

HostGator Coupon From Xrvel

To receive $9.94 discount on HostGator hosting, enter this coupon on your HostGator order form :


* discount only applies on first month.
Good luck 😀


WordPress 3.0.1 Dirilis

WordPress 3.0.1 sudah dirilis. Mari update WordPress kita 🙂
Berita resmi bisa dibaca di

PHP Programming

WordPress Login ReCAPTCHA Plugin

This WordPress plugin will add reCAPTCHA to login page. Why use reCAPTCHA instead of other CAPTCHA? Because reCAPTCHA is a powerful CAPTCHA.

Indonesian Personal

Xrvel adalah Nama Virus Komputer

Setelah iseng-iseng googling dengan keyword “xrvel”, saya menemukan bahwa ternyata “xrvel” juga merupakan nama virus 😀
Virus-virus (sebenarnya trojan dan worm) itu adalah


Sumber :
NEW UPDATE ANSAV32 db 6.12.21

Panduan PHP dari Newbie – 1

Biasakan menulis kode PHP anda dalam kondisi :

  1. register globals : OFF. Kebanyakan web hosting mematikan setting register globals.
  2. short open tag : OFF. Idem.

Gunakan require, daripada include.
Gunakan require_once (/ include_once) hanya bila diperlukan.

Untuk konstanta (/ sesuatu yang bersifat global), gunakan perintah define daripada variabel biasa.

Percayalah, dengan mematuhi syarat di atas, koding akan terasa menyenangkan 😉

Web Server Website

With or Without WWW

Folks, some of you have might have a website. For example you develop (OF COURSE this is just an example :)). You might have a question, whether use (w/o “www”), or (w/ “www”). I don’t suggest that “www” is better, vice versa. But i’ll tell it about how to use with only, or without only.

The key is, you must create a .htaccess file in your root directory (or modify the old one if you’ve had it)

If you choose with www, use it in your .htaccess file

  RewriteEngine on

  RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example\.com$ [NC]
  RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]