WordPress Login ReCAPTCHA Plugin

This WordPress plugin will add reCAPTCHA to login page. Why use reCAPTCHA instead of other CAPTCHA? Because reCAPTCHA is a powerful CAPTCHA.

Screenshot :

Wordpress Login reCAPTCHA
WordPress Login reCAPTCHA

Installation :

  1. You should register on reCAPTCHA site first.
  2. Go to your wp-admin page, check under “Settings” menu.
    There is a “WP Login reCAPTCHA” menu.

    Menu (WordPress Login reCAPTCHA)
    Menu (WordPress Login reCAPTCHA)

    Click that link and set your reCAPTCHA public key and private key.

    Wordpress Login reCAPTCHA
    WordPress Login reCAPTCHA

    Do not enter wrong public and private keys.

To download the plugin, go to official WordPress.org plugin page, and click “Download” link there :

Enjoy this plugin. 😀


68 responses to “WordPress Login ReCAPTCHA Plugin”

  1. plugin must be installed first…
    After we’ve got the keys where we write them on plugin????
    I can’t find any instructions.

  2. Ze Povinho Avatar
    Ze Povinho

    I’ve installed and activated but, where we put the keys ….

  3. @VManu and Ze Povinho : you cand set the keys on your wp-admin after you have installed WP-reCAPTCHA plugin. I have put more instruction above 🙂

  4. ada contoh codingnya ?? 😮

  5. why do you need recatcha when trying to login into your site?
    is it recatcha more for user registration or password request?

    1. To stop people trying to use software to try over and over to get your login details.

  6. @mp : halo pak, lihat di API reCAPTCHA nya 🙂

    @erwin : do you know there are bots (script / software) that can try to login to your website automatically? Without CAPTCHA, bots can try to login to your site. Do you want your admin page to be broken?

    Therefore IMHO you should put CAPTCHA in your login form.
    CAPTCHA defeats that kind of bots.

    Yes, on user registration and password request pages actually CAPTCHA is needed too 🙂

  7. Teguh Aditya Avatar
    Teguh Aditya

    sekarang recaptha udah di akusi oleh gugel

    1. @Teguh Aditya : Yoi bener banget 🙂

  8. this plugin wordpress 3.0.1 not working!!!

    1. Hi there..

      My current blog runs on 3.0.1 and this plugin is working.

      Can you specify what did you mean with “not working”?

      Have you installed WP-reCAPTCHA plugin first? 🙂
      Have you entered the correct reCAPTCHA Public & Private keys? 🙂

      Let me know and i will help.

  9. Mega Sale Avatar
    Mega Sale

    1st I want to thanks for this great addon.

    I’ve install the login reCAPCHA plugins,
    but somehow my website using classipress themes.
    it does have custom login page so the login reCAPCHA does not appear on the login page.
    How can I manually add the reCAPCHA to that custom login form?

    1. Hi Mega Sale.

      You should know the place of the custom login page, and open the wp-login-recaptcha.php file, next add a line after this line


      Example of added line :

      So it will become


  10. apa sih kode verifikasi itu?jd ngebungin z,

    1. Pada umumnya kode verifikasi diperlukan untuk menghindari serangan bot / robot / orang “jahat”. 🙂

      Nah salah satu bentuk kode verifikasi adalah dengan gambar, seperti yang ada di reCAPTCHA.

  11. I installed this and I can’t login to my dashboard anymore.


    1. Hello Rabby,

      Okay it happens because :
      1) you entered wrong captcha guess, or
      2) you have not entered (have not configured) reCAPTCHA API key / Secret
      3) you entered wrong reCAPTCHA API key / Secret

      You should reconfigure your reCAPTCHA option from admin page.

      To disable the login reCAPTCHA plugin, from your file manager, open wp-login-recaptcha.php file in your plugin directory.
      Next, find this line.

      define('XRVEL_LOGIN_RECAPTCHA_ENABLED', true);

      Change it into

      define('XRVEL_LOGIN_RECAPTCHA_ENABLED', false);

      Save it. Now the reCAPTCHA is disabled on login page.

  12. Genuinely great plugin. I have been looking for a way to add Recaptcha to my login page for a while to increase security.

    I experienced a glitch however – an incompatibility or poor interaction between this plugin, WP ReCaptcha and Dagon Design Form Mailer ( http://tinyurl.com/errsu ). The result is that the form generated by the form-mailer is not visible. This means I cannot run both together. Given I rely on the form mailer I have had to disable WP Recaptcha and Login Recaptcha for now, which has fixed the problem. Perhaps both this and the form-mailer calling ReCaptcha is generating the problem? Any suggestions welcome.

  13. Francisco Salinas Avatar
    Francisco Salinas

    love it, use it!

  14. CMSSeeker Avatar

    Hi Xrvel,
    why not make this plugin to work with comment form and registration? All-in-one captcha plugin can save server resources. There would be no need to seek other plugins.

    1. Hi there,

      reCAPTCHA for comment form and registration are already included on normal WP-reCAPTCHA plugin 🙂

  15. Xrvel, bro nice plugin, tapi kok setelah wa install, terus wa aktifin , gk ada menu baru buat setting plugin recapta, di menu setting or menu yang laen? ok thx

    1. Halo.. Harus install plugin WP-Recaptcha dulu 🙂
      Install dari sini http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-recaptcha/

      1. Top PC Tablets Avatar
        Top PC Tablets

        thanks bro…
        Nice Plugin

  16. I love you man, handling the 200 article submitssions daily was hard, and spammers happly added the recaptcha while they registered, hopefully recaptcha on login form will reduce the spam even more. If you should develop a recaptcha for publish that’d be even more awesome!

    1. Hi SSC. I am glad that you like it 🙂

  17. Is therer any way to “resize” the width of the captcha box for the login page? As you can see on my site it extends far beyond the default width of the login form.
    Any assistance is appreciated. Great work on the plugin.

    1. I think it is not possible because the width is set by reCAPTCHA server (reCAPTCHA library). 🙂

  18. Any way to make this work with buddypress? The sidebar login form does not show the CAPTCHA form nor does the user registration. Any ideas on how to make this work? Thanks.

  19. jojomonkey Avatar

    First, this plugin is great and I appreciate the hard work and contribution.
    I’ve been using it and it has been working great.

    However, just today I noticed I can’t login w/ Chrome simply because Chrome is choosing NOT to render the captcha login box. It doesn’t want to render the captcha comment boxes either (so the issue is not only w/ Login Recaptcha but w/ WP-Recaptcha plugin too). The captcha code is there when I do a view-source but the box is NOT rendered in Chrome. Firefox on the other hand doesn’t have a problem.
    Wondering if anyone has ever seen this before.

    Same issue as these guys here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-wp-recaptcha-recaptcha-does-not-work-on-google-chrome?replies=2#post-1962945

    WP 3.1
    Latest Captcha plugins
    Chrome 10 beta


    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for the report. I just tried that on this blog, i can see reCAPTCHA on comment box (i have just installed wp-reCAPTCHA again).
      I am using WP 3.1, latest wp-reCAPTCHA plugin, and chrome 7.


      1. jojomonkey Avatar

        yeah – i’m going to have to try another version of Chrome. It’s def. NOT a problem w/ the plugins – but something is up w/ Chrome.
        Even the captcha on this site below is NOT showing up in my Chrome. Take a look at this screenshot. Chrome window has no Captcha above ‘Post Comment’ even though the ‘view-source’ window has Captcha in the code. Firefox window on right is perfect.

        Also, Have cleared out all browsing history on my Chrome and the usual stuff – didn’t help. Weird.


        1. jojomonkey Avatar


          It was due to ‘Disconnect’ extension on Chrome.
          DOH! Working again.

          ref: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/jeoacafpbcihiomhlakheieifhpjdfeo

          1. I am glad that it works again 🙂 I was thinking that it was caused by some browser extension to..

        2. Wow Recapcha on WordPress Login.

  20. Just plugged it into my WP site and worked right off. Amazing what can be done if one just reads the directions!

    None the less, I searched around a little but can’t seem to locate how to change the color of the captcha after installation. So maybe I’m not so smart after all 😀 As you can see from my blog here http://www.ExcelREI.com, the colors just don’t seem to work.

    Any help you can offer would be great. Thanks for helping to eliminate at least one headache for me. Don

    1. Hi Don.

      Thanks for dropping by. I just added an option to change the reCAPTCHA color. Please update your plugin to the latest version 🙂


  21. Kumpulan Berita Terbaru Avatar
    Kumpulan Berita Terbaru

    Wow,,, Baru tau kalo ada Recaptcha… Thanks infonya gan

  22. Random Health Avatar
    Random Health

    Yihaa…., bisa mengamankan security nih, mater thengkyu kang mas

  23. Pekok Gaya Weblog Avatar
    Pekok Gaya Weblog

    Wah thank mas,, Cocok nih buat ngelindungin dari Spammer

  24. After the update my login page shows
    “Latest reCAPTCHA plugin must be installed and activated first”

    i m using latest reCAPTCHA plugin

    1. Thanks for the notice. I’ve just updated the plugin to version 0.1.4 🙂
      Please update the login recaptcha plugin.

      1. Thanks xrvel
        Now working
        thanks once again

  25. Hi,
    I’m also using Classipress and tried to add the code suggested by you to Mega Sale


    I could’nt understand the location of the custom login page to replace with custom_login_form. The custom Login page location is
    So please tell me how the add_action(‘custom_login_form’,’xrvel_login_recaptcha_form’); should look like.

    Thank you.

  26. I was testing recaptcha on my local host and applied for my API codes from there. Are these codes the same or do I need to reapply for new ones although I used the same 2bretired.com when I applied for them.

    Thanks Bob

    1. Hi Bob,

      It’s just the same code. Just copy the same API code.


  27. Mahesh Avatar

    Nice plugin.Thnks………………

  28. re-captcha plugins doesnt work if we enter only 1 word out of 2 words…. as i entered only 1 word here

  29. mas gambar captcha saya tidak mau muncul ada pesan error kaya gini
    [25-Nov-2011 04:46:46] PHP Warning: imagefontheight() expects parameter 1 to be long, string given in /home/hidecom/public_html/includes/libs/animatedcaptcha.class.php on line 236
    [25-Nov-2011 04:46:46] PHP Warning: imagefontwidth() expects parameter 1 to be long, string given in /home/hidecom/public_html/includes/libs/animatedcaptcha.class.php on line 272
    [25-Nov-2011 04:46:46] PHP Warning: imagefontwidth() expects parameter 1 to be long, string given in /home/hidecom/public_html/includes/libs/animatedcaptcha.class.php on line 274

    tolong mas bantuanx

  30. Download Android Apps Avatar
    Download Android Apps

    wow, nice.
    I’m use it in my blogs.
    it’s very usefull

  31. Very nice plugin my friend! I wish it were integrated into WP-reCAPTCHA so we could stop more annoying hack attempts & spam together. =)

  32. Seem to be a great plugging so well done. My problem is the log gin page takes 30-40 second to load. The username and password field appear immediately but the reCAPTCHA take, what feels like, forever.

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks


  33. Android APK Avatar
    Android APK

    Matur suwun bro… bisa di coba nih plugin

  34. Excellent WordPress plug-in, if you start making consistent updates and more security bugs reportable with fixed logs of bugs previous reported, being included within the plug-in’s package, I will start DONATING as often as you make considerable advances in the program. Possibly one of the best WordPress plugin available out the, especially for free-ninety free.

  35. Hi, I installed the plugin and it seems to be working fine – thank you for it!
    Although when I tested it severel times, it still let me log in to the site if I only missed 1 character. It only rejects the login attempt with at least 2 faild characters. Is this on purpuse?

    1. I believe it is the nature of recaptcha, 1 or 2 incorrect letters are accepted. 🙂

  36. Hi,
    After the latest update from WP-reCAPTCHA, your wonderful Login reCAPTCHA plugin had ceased to work.

    Pls help !


    1. Thank you, it’s been fixed on latest update.

  37. Hello,

    I can confirm that the latest version stopped working. From what I see in your options, saved as xrvel_login_recaptcha_options, I only had the theme but you are relying on the fact that the keys are there also.

    You also have the recaptcha options above, in the variable $ropt but you are not using them in any way.

    I got the captcha to appear again by adding something like

    if (empty($opt['secret']) && !empty($ropt['secret'])) {
    $opt = array_merge($opt, $ropt);
    $opt['secret_key'] = $opt['secret'];

    but now I am getting the error message “Please pass reCAPTCHA verification” even if it’s this new type of captcha, that simulates a checkbox.

    1. Hello.

      Do you use custom login box / it is the default wordpress login page such as
      http://www.example.com/wp-login.php ?
      Have you tried the latest version 2.0.2 ?

      Thank you

  38. Can you add recaptcha for other forms (registration)?

    1. Sorry this plugin only adds reCAPTCHA to wordpress default login page.

  39. Hi,
    I’m using jarida wordpress theme. I want to add reCaptcha to login widget in sidebar. Right now i am using Captcha plugin but this plugin not full fill my requirement.

    1. At this moment only normal login page is supported. 🙂

  40. Sadly, after the update to WordPress 4.x.x every login attempt using this plugin fails. I have deactivated most other plugins to no avail (except Jetpack, Akismet).

    I’m sorry I can’t provide you with more info and maybe this is just a solitary case. Maybe not and you can find a way to fix it.

  41. Hi Xrvel
    Please include the feature of adding recaptcha for registration page as well , to make plugin complete.

  42. Hi! I’m using this plugin and now I can’t login in my WordPress site because it appears an ERROR.

    I change this line: define(‘XRVEL_LOGIN_RECAPTCHA_ENABLED’, true);
    and modify it into define(‘XRVEL_LOGIN_RECAPTCHA_ENABLED’, false); but I’t doesn’t work, the error continues in the login page (/wp-login.php). Can someone help me? Thanks!

  43. Visitor Avatar

    It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to
    this superb blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and
    adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates
    and will talk about this website with my Facebook group.
    Chat soon!

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