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  • How to Install Litespeed in WHM

    Here i will explain how to install Litespeed webserver in WHM. According to the Litespeed wiki : Open & login to your SSH terminal Execute this command to download the installer : wget http://www.litespeedtech.com/packages/cpanel/lsws_whm_autoinstaller.sh Next we will make the file executable : chmod a+x lsws_whm_autoinstaller.sh Last step we can execute this command : (please check […]

  • Exporting MySQL Databases Command Line in Linux

    To export a mysql database by linux command line, for example your database name is my_database, your mysql username is my_username, and your mysql password is my_password, you can use this command : mysqldump –opt –single-transaction -umy_username -pmy_password my_database > /your/path/here/export.sql Note: after “-u” and “-p”, there is NO space. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • CSS Media Query

    Here is a simple example of CSS media query ๐Ÿ™‚ http://pastebin.com/dkdfAvGF

  • Change WooCommerce Items Per Page

    To change displayed WooCommerce Items Per Page, add this code to any PHP file (end of “woocommerce.php” / your theme functions.php, etc) // Woo commerce 9 items per page add_filter( ‘loop_shop_per_page’, create_function( ‘$cols’, ‘return 9;’ ), 20 );

  • Transferring Scrapebox License

    I bought a new notebook few weeks ago. Now i have just remembered that i have to use scrapebox on my new notebook. So i went to google for a while and i found this link http://www.scrapebox.com/scrapebox-license-transfer. That page describes everything clearly. And it is free. All i have to do is redownload the scrapebox, […]

  • Best Free iPad Games

    I will give review of best free iPad games. All are installed on my iPad. Angry Birds collection. Phenomenal games. You should try at least once ๐Ÿ™‚ Angry Gran. It is a scrolling game, you will control a grandma and you should hit pedestrians to get money. You can use your money to buy stats […]

  • PHP HtmlEntities for UTF-8 Characters

    If you just use simple PHP htmlentities function with one argument, you will notice that when you pass string that contains UTF-8 characters, the result is incorrect leaving you with some incorrect characters on the result. To use it correctly, use this code ๐Ÿ™‚ htmlentities($your_string, ENT_COMPAT, ‘UTF-8’);

  • jQuery Not Class Selector to Exclude

    For example we want to hide all hyperlinks that do not have “banana” class. How to do that with jQuery? You can use the javascript code below. $(‘a’).not(‘.banana’).hide(); Easy right? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • My Proxy List Script and ProxyNoid

    I made a free proxy list script about 1-2 years ago which is called “proxycoder script”. I haven’t continued to develop it for a long time. Recently Oxuro, owner of ProxyNoid.com contacted me at DigitalPoint and told me that he has done some modification to my script. He kindly asked if i can include his […]

  • MySQL Table “In Use” Repair

    Recently when i optimized some mysql tables from phpmyadmin, some of the tables were “locked” and showed as “in use” on phpmyadmin. The tables could not be used, read, etc. So the script was stopped working. I have tried to repair / check / analyze from phpmyadmin but i couldn’t repair it. So i tried […]

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