How to Find Largest Files / Directories in Windows

If you want to find largest files / directories in Windows, you can use a free software called TreeSize from Jam Software. It is 100% free. And how to use it is very easy. You can read its online documentation.

Android Whatsapp Linked Device Blurry Scan QR Code Issue

When i opened my Whatsapp in my Android phone (Samsung phone), i could not scan QR Code to link my computer to my Whatsapp. The camera when scanning QR Code couldn’t focus, so the QR Code in my computer looked very blurry. However the camera works fine outside Whatsapp (for example on built-in Camera apps).

Splashtop as TeamViewer Alternative

I have used TeamViewer for years. Recently i was bugged with message that i use TeamViewer as business purpose, although i use TeamViewer only to connect to my other computer, in the same house. I was considering to upgrade my TeamViewer to paid plan. But after considering some factors, i tried to search TeamViewer alternatives.

Find String in Files in Linux

To find some string within files in Linux, you can use this command grep -rnw ‘/your/path/’ -e “find this string” -r means recursive -n means line number -w means match the whole word 🙂