Best Free iPad Games

I will give review of best free iPad games. All are installed on my iPad.

  1. Angry Birds collection. Phenomenal games. You should try at least once ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Angry Gran. It is a scrolling game, you will control a grandma and you should hit pedestrians to get money. You can use your money to buy stats upgrade / new weapons.
  3. AoD HD. Scrolling game. Very fun game. You control a character that fight against darkness army. You can buy and upgrade your soldiers. There are lot of soldiers here including peasant, swordsman, spearman, archer, horseman, etc.
  4. 4. Creeps HD. Free, fun, and challenging tower defense game. There are lot of levels available. If i remember correctly there are more than 30 levels.
  5. Critter Quitter. Use your finger to crush insects. Fun initially, but could be boring later.
  6. Cut the Rope. Use your finger to slide the rope. A kind of puzzle game.
  7. Jetpack. Scrolling game. You control a man using jetpack on a corridor. Avoid laser and missiles. Touch the screen to move him up. You can buy jetpack upgrades with gold.
  8. Pet Shop. Addicting game. You can build pet shop, breeding your pet, combining 2 species (only available on some species), etc. Internet connection is required.
  9. Zombie. Another addicting game. Build your zombie army. I always play it regularly. Internet connection is required.
  10. Water? Free. Addicting game initially.

  1. Zombie Farm. Addicting initially. But i can’t figure out how to defeat the enemy with my zombies army. Anyone can help?
  2. Egg Punch. Addicting casual game. You control an egg to collect feathers on all levels.
  3. Temple Run. Very addicting game. A scrolling upward game. You control a man who runs away from wild monkeys that chase him. Collect coins while running to buy upgrades such as magnet, invisibility, etc.
  4. Anthill Free. You control an ant army to destroy your enemies. You can build the ant path by using your finger gesture. There are some kind of arms, including flying ants, worker ants, soldier ants, and spitter ants. Your worker ants can turn your dead enemies to foods. Use your foods to build more ants. Rather hard for me.
  5. Order Up!! A kind of cooking mama game.
  6. PetHouse. A game from zynga. You build a giant tree and you can put your pets there. You can feed your pets using fruits that grow on your tree. I don’t like it very much but my gf does.
  7. 3 Kingdoms. Strategy game. Confusing for me (too many menus), but my gf likes it.
  8. Doraemon Fishing 2. A fun Doraemon game. I just downloaded it today. Doraemon can throw his bait to the hole on Nobita’s room that somehow connects to the sea. You can grab coins from the sea and when you throw the fishes to the dinosaur behind Doraemon, you get coins. Use the coins to buy more upgrades. I think it is addicting and i will give it a try more.

Use your iPad as gaming console !! ๐Ÿ˜€






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  1. fisna Avatar

    aku gak punya ipaaaadddd…. *iklan mode ON

  2. Bez Avatar

    masbro, ane ada job dikit nih.
    YM ane:
    [email protected]

    ditunggu ya.

  3. Kawaljeet Singh Avatar

    Thanks for your top games list. Loved them all

  4. Anime Feed Avatar
    Anime Feed

    “Order Up” lumayanlah ๐Ÿ™‚

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