Splashtop as TeamViewer Alternative

I have used TeamViewer for years. Recently i was bugged with message that i use TeamViewer as business purpose, although i use TeamViewer only to connect to my other computer, in the same house. I was considering to upgrade my TeamViewer to paid plan. But after considering some factors, i tried to search TeamViewer alternatives.

Best Free iPad Games

I will give review of best free iPad games. All are installed on my iPad. Angry Birds collection. Phenomenal games. You should try at least once 🙂 Angry Gran. It is a scrolling game, you will control a grandma and you should hit pedestrians to get money. You can use your money to buy stats… Continue reading Best Free iPad Games

Use ScrapeBox to Monitor Your Competitor

ScrapeBox is one of useful SEO tools. One of its cool feature is you can use it to monitor your competitor’s backlink 🙂 Backlink is one of important factor on SEO. So by monitoring and knowing where your competitor’s backlinks are, you can try to compete with them and put more backlinks than theirs. To… Continue reading Use ScrapeBox to Monitor Your Competitor

April Fool Day

What did you do on April Fool Day? Did you do something? I did nothing on April Fool Day 😀

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How to Add Facebook Comment Code

Facebook provides a social “plugin” to create a comment form, completes with pagination, commenter facebook profile picture, etc. In short, easy comment form and it is free 😀 The commenter needs to login to their Facebook account. To embed the Facebook comment plugin into your website, please go to this link http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/comments/

Xrvel Scrapebox Review

I just purchased scrapebox maybe about 3-4 weeks ago. At first time i purchased it, i really had no idea how to use it. It seems i was facing a complicated software interface. I only downloaded the whole scrapebox addons. Few days later, because i didn’t plan to buy paid proxies, i only got slow… Continue reading Xrvel Scrapebox Review

AioShared.com Stole My Script, AioShared Scammer

I have a domain appraisal script here http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1776537 I sold it to a person (fortunately there was only one buyer), next someone told me that Aioshared.com stole our script and resell it. Plus, they ioncubed it. What a shame that someone scrap other’s script, encode, and resold it as “Website Value Calculator” script. Here is… Continue reading AioShared.com Stole My Script, AioShared Scammer

Xrvel adalah Nama Virus Komputer

Setelah iseng-iseng googling dengan keyword “xrvel”, saya menemukan bahwa ternyata “xrvel” juga merupakan nama virus 😀 Virus-virus (sebenarnya trojan dan worm) itu adalah Dpworm.xrvel Troj.xrvel.cl Troj.xrvel.sr Sumber : http://aprilia78.wen9.com/main/virus.html NEW UPDATE ANSAV32 db 6.12.21