Splashtop as TeamViewer Alternative

I have used TeamViewer for years. Recently i was bugged with message that i use TeamViewer as business purpose, although i use TeamViewer only to connect to my other computer, in the same house.

I was considering to upgrade my TeamViewer to paid plan. But after considering some factors, i tried to search TeamViewer alternatives.

The first alternative that i used was from It has free plan, which is great, but it was very slow when i connected to my second computer although i have changed some settings.

The second alternative that i used was Splashtop. It has 7-days free trial. I tried the free trial and i found that the software is great. Its paid plan is cheaper than TeamViewer paid plan. And splashtop has some pros too compared with TeamViewer, which are :

  • Show remote cursor feature.
  • It is as fast as TeamViewer.
  • When disconnecting from remote computer, there is no annoying message dialog in the middle of the screen of the remote computer.
  • Price is cheaper than TeamViewer.

Now i am very confident that i will use Splashtop instead of TeamViewer 🙂

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