Quick Adsense Random Align

Quick Adsense is one of useful WordPress Plugin which can be downloaded here http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/quick-adsense/ It can insert ads to your post content automatically. Here is a hack to make your ads to be aligned randomly left / right AND center / none :

Enabling CodeIgniter $_GET

Here is how to enable CodeIgniter support to $_GET and still able to use the normal “SEO-friendly” URL working together. So you will get a URL like this http://www.example.com/index.php/the_controller/the_function/?some=thing&more=yes First approach is modify your “config.php” and change this line. $config[‘enable_query_strings’] = true; But this is not recommended because on pagination, you will get ugly URL.

Multilanguage Programming with UTF-8 Encoding

Multilanguage non-ASCII site? Sometimes we need to make website that can handle languages which contains non-ASCII characters, for example chinese, russian, french, germany, etc. To handle this, we need to handle the language on 3 parts : on PHP itself, HTML, and on the database (i use MySQL as example here). Basically, we need to… Continue reading Multilanguage Programming with UTF-8 Encoding

Panduan PHP dari Newbie – 1

Biasakan menulis kode PHP anda dalam kondisi : register globals : OFF. Kebanyakan web hosting mematikan setting register globals. short open tag : OFF. Idem. Gunakan require, daripada include. Gunakan require_once (/ include_once) hanya bila diperlukan. Untuk konstanta (/ sesuatu yang bersifat global), gunakan perintah define daripada variabel biasa. Percayalah, dengan mematuhi syarat di atas,… Continue reading Panduan PHP dari Newbie – 1

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