PremiumPress – Coupon Theme Review

I purchased the VIP Club membership in PremiumPress, so i have access to all of their themes. Initially i was interested with their Auction Theme, which i need for my project. But i saw that their other themes looked good too, so i bought the bundle package.

Now i will review their coupon theme. As side note, i also have tried to install their auction theme.
Installing the theme is easy. But at the first time of the installation, you will be asked to import dummy data.

I suggest you to import the dummy data so that your theme will be filled up with the default setting which is close to the theme live demo. I initially tried to not install the dummy data, and i was very confused because the theme has lot of panels, and setting pages ๐Ÿ˜€

It was not that easy to find where you can find certain option.

Don’t worry after you import dummy data, the theme also has a function to uninstall all of dummy data, which is very convenient ๐Ÿ™‚

About the theme functionality itself, generally i will say it works, just as advertised.
But it has some minor display / UI issue.

Such as :

  • Some typo in the language file, which is easily fixed.

    Copy the code below then click visit website;

    Should be :

    Copy the code below then click visit website:

    Replace in :

    /framework/_language.php , line 790
    /languages/premiumpress.pot , line 2768
  • Some CSS issue, which is easily fixed. The modal window of the coupon popup is not placed correctly. You need to remove its top margin.
  • You can not remove mailing list from the coupon popup. Except by doing some PHP change.

    To remove completely, edit this file


    Delete the <div>

    <div class="thumbnail">

    So you will only have


I think, and after observing the support forum, there are quite lot of minor visual bugs. Which i think can be fixed easily if you know some CSS / Javascript / PHP. ๐Ÿ™‚

This far i have not encountered any fatal error in this theme.

However there are 2 features which i personally think that they should be core, but they are not available in this theme (confirmed by support team).
Those are :

  • There is no tag cloud widget. Although when adding coupon, we can add some tags.
  • When using category widget, when there are nested categories, only the parent category will be shown. The children categories will be hidden.

And there is 1 other things which i don’t personally like :

  • In home page, there will be no permalink to each coupon post. You must use XML sitemap plugin to know the permalink of each coupon.

My conclusion is : it is still a good theme.
And their support is responsive too. They answer your questions quickly. Within few hours ๐Ÿ™‚


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