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  • Transferring Scrapebox License

    I bought a new notebook few weeks ago. Now i have just remembered that i have to use scrapebox on my new notebook. So i went to google for a while and i found this link http://www.scrapebox.com/scrapebox-license-transfer. That page describes everything clearly. And it is free. All i have to do is redownload the scrapebox, […]

  • Use ScrapeBox to Monitor Your Competitor

    ScrapeBox is one of useful SEO tools. One of its cool feature is you can use it to monitor your competitor’s backlink 🙂 Backlink is one of important factor on SEO. So by monitoring and knowing where your competitor’s backlinks are, you can try to compete with them and put more backlinks than theirs. To […]

  • Xrvel Scrapebox Review

    I just purchased scrapebox maybe about 3-4 weeks ago. At first time i purchased it, i really had no idea how to use it. It seems i was facing a complicated software interface. I only downloaded the whole scrapebox addons. Few days later, because i didn’t plan to buy paid proxies, i only got slow […]