PHP Programming

Use Mailgun Plain PHP Curl Code

Mailgun is one of some services to send e-mail. It has a nice PHP library here. But for some reason, it only works in my local server, and it does not work at all in remote server and the code returns “Mailgun server is not reachable” error (although i have tried to disable server firewall, which was not a best decision).

PHP Programming

How to Use Midtrans-PHP in CodeIgniter 3

Here is how to use Midtrans-PHP official library in Codeigniter 3 🙂

PHP Programming

Bitmex PHP API Example

If you are looking for bitmex API example using PHP, you can use this code 🙂


How to Install PECL Memcache in WHM / CentOS

You can run these commands to install PECL memcache (not memcached).
However, this memcache will work with memcached.

tar xvfz memcache-3.0.8.tgz
cd memcache-3.0.8
make install

Take note of the php extensions directory that memcache is installed in.
Mine is: /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20020429/

Then add this line to your php.ini


How to Fix WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

You may encounter this “warning” message when using PHP 5.4 or above

E_WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

Here is how to fix this 🙂

PHP Programming

PHP HtmlEntities for UTF-8 Characters

If you just use simple PHP htmlentities function with one argument, you will notice that when you pass string that contains UTF-8 characters, the result is incorrect leaving you with some incorrect characters on the result.

To use it correctly, use this code 🙂

htmlentities($your_string, ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8');
PHP Programming

Enabling CodeIgniter $_GET

Here is how to enable CodeIgniter support to $_GET and still able to use the normal “SEO-friendly” URL working together.
So you will get a URL like this

First approach is modify your “config.php” and change this line.

$config['enable_query_strings'] = true;

But this is not recommended because on pagination, you will get ugly URL.

PHP Programming

Multilanguage Programming with UTF-8 Encoding

Multilanguage non-ASCII site? Sometimes we need to make website that can handle languages which contains non-ASCII characters, for example chinese, russian, french, germany, etc.
To handle this, we need to handle the language on 3 parts : on PHP itself, HTML, and on the database (i use MySQL as example here).
Basically, we need to adjust the charset (character set) into UTF-8.


Encode dengan Ioncube cara Murah

Ioncube adalah salah satu encoder yg dipercaya “susah” didecode. Karena bukan obfuscator, tapi semacam “compiler” (
Ioncube sndr harga softwarenya mulai dari $199 untuk versi basic sampai $379 untuk yg versi Cerberus (paling bagus).
Untuk para programmer yang ingin melindungi hasil kerjanya, Ioncube sangat disarankan untuk digunakan.

Tapi ternyata ada cara murah untuk encode sebuah file dengan Ioncube, yaitu dengan menggunakan online encoder.


Panduan PHP dari Newbie – 1

Biasakan menulis kode PHP anda dalam kondisi :

  1. register globals : OFF. Kebanyakan web hosting mematikan setting register globals.
  2. short open tag : OFF. Idem.

Gunakan require, daripada include.
Gunakan require_once (/ include_once) hanya bila diperlukan.

Untuk konstanta (/ sesuatu yang bersifat global), gunakan perintah define daripada variabel biasa.

Percayalah, dengan mematuhi syarat di atas, koding akan terasa menyenangkan 😉