How to Append Date and Time to Log File in Linux

If we want to get detailed log report, we can store multiple log files with date and time information on the file name 🙂

We can do this command in Linux :

your_command_here > /path_1/path_2/your_log_$(date +"%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S").txt

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How to Delete Files in Directory in Linux

If you want to delete files within a directory in Linux, you can use this simple command

rm -f /your/directory/*

If you want to delete files and directories recursively within a directory in Linux, you can use this command instead 🙂

rm -rf /your/directory/*

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Empty a File Using Linux Command

Today i received an e-mail notification from cpanel that a partition in my server is almost full.
First i checked largest directories / files using this command :

du -h --max-depth=1 /some/path

Then i noticed that they were some log files which took space in my partition 🙂
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How to Remove Directory and Subdirectories Recursively in Linux

Sometimes there is occasion where deleting files from Cpanel takes a very long time to finish.
For example because there are too many files under a directory.
In this situation we can use SSH to delete a directory and all files and subdirectories under that directory.

We can use the command below.
But be careful, do not enter wrong path.
You may delete the wrong directory. 🙂

rm -rf /your/directory/

PremiumPress – Coupon Theme Review

I purchased the VIP Club membership in PremiumPress, so i have access to all of their themes. Initially i was interested with their Auction Theme, which i need for my project. But i saw that their other themes looked good too, so i bought the bundle package.

Now i will review their coupon theme. As side note, i also have tried to install their auction theme.
Installing the theme is easy. But at the first time of the installation, you will be asked to import dummy data.

I suggest you to import the dummy data so that your theme will be filled up with the default setting which is close to the theme live demo. I initially tried to not install the dummy data, and i was very confused because the theme has lot of panels, and setting pages 😀
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