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vBulletin Reputation Per Usergroup Plugin

I actually coded this vbulletin plugin long time ago, and have published it on long time ago. But now i want to write on my blog 🙂

This plugin will allow each usergroup to have reputation setting (including reputation power, daily reputation limit, reputation spread limit).

To download it, you can open this link :

2 replies on “vBulletin Reputation Per Usergroup Plugin”

We are using your plugin WP Promo Code and need a modification.
We are willing to pay for this modification.
What we need is a way to automatically create say 1000 unique codes like
EXIT01001 through EXIT02002 and when they are used be marked as used so they cannot be used again (and Display Code Used Already) on the page.
If this is something you can and are willing to do please email me back what you deem a reasonable cost and how long it would take.
You can reach me at 843-830-2811 for further discussion or email me at [email protected].

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