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Hurray, i am a premium member on DigitalPoint now 😀
I want to buy sphinx search plugin for vbulletin from DigitalPoint so i have to be registered as premium member 🙂

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Wow! Is it worth it to become a premium member? I saw your blog at DP’s directory. I’m still skeptical if I should be a premium member? Did you purchase a 1 year membership? 6 months? or 1 month only? O_O

Btw, do you know what’s the difference with the 1 year membership with * and the one without *. The one without asterisk is much expensive compared to the one with asterisk. They are both 1 year, that’s why I’m confused about what’s the difference between 1 Year* membership and 1 Year membership.


I purchased 6 months membership. Yeah i guess some options with & without * are more expensive.

The difference is the one with * is recurring, so it appears as recurring payment subscription on your PayPal.
The one without * is one-time, so it appears as single payment on your PayPal.

I bought the one without * because on the recurring options, i needed an active credit card (and i didn’t have), so i bought the single-time subscription.

Is it worth? My main purpose was to “buy” the DigitalPoint sphinx plugin for vBulletin. I needed it badly for my vBulletin forum, so yes, it worth for me, A LOT.

There are some other extra features for premium members :
– extra links on your signature (i haven’t used it yet).
– our listings on BST section will have different color & stickied. This is good if you are an active seller.
– listing on DigitalPoint directory. I used it, +1 backlink is better :p

Thanks for reading my blog.

Hi Xrvel

Did the DP Sphinx plugin inkrease the froum performance?
I mean do the plugin affects on forum pages loading speed generally or is it related to the search functionality only?
Were any difficulties during the plugin installation?

Thank you


The main benefit of it is higher performance on search functionality only, not on forum pages loading speed. If you need improvement on forum pages loading speed, i suggest you to search any cache plugin for vbulletin.

Plugin installation is easy, but please remember you must use VPS / Dedicated Server because you need to put some files outside the public html directory.


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