How to Install Litespeed in WHM

Here i will explain how to install Litespeed webserver in WHM.
According to the Litespeed wiki :

  1. Open & login to your SSH terminal
  2. Execute this command to download the installer :
  3. Next we will make the file executable :
    chmod a+x
  4. Last step we can execute this command :
    (please check the litespeed wiki for parameter explanation)
    ./ TRIAL 2 1000 admin a1234567 root@localhost 1 0
    If you have litespeed license, replace “TRIAL” with your serial number.
    You can replace “admin” with another litespeed admin username.
    You can replace “a1234567 ” with another litespeed admin password.
    You can replace “root@localhost” with another litespeed admin e-mail.
  5. Wait until it completes.
  6. A new sub menu named “Litespeed Web Server” will appear on your WHM.
  7. You must activate litespeed from that sub menu.

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Exporting MySQL Databases Command Line in Linux

To export a mysql database by linux command line,
for example your database name is my_database, your mysql username is my_username, and your mysql password is my_password, you can use this command :

mysqldump --opt --single-transaction -umy_username -pmy_password my_database > /your/path/here/export.sql

Note: after “-u” and “-p”, there is NO space. :)